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Welcome to the Kites Class blog. We aim to do at least one blog post each week and most of our posts will be created using ideas generated by pupils during a shared writing session. Most recent blogs will be posted at the top.


Happy reading!

Friday 7th January 2022


Happy new year!


We kicked off our new term with a great walk around Brington. Not everyone in our class comes from the village so we needed to make sure we knew what our surroundings were. We had pieces of paper full of photographs of items and details to look for and we stopped by each one to have a discussion and ask questions. We bumped into a lovely gentleman called Tony who answered our questions about his unusual barn and also the gentleman who owns the building that was previously the Brington School. This was about four hundred years ago and you can still see the coat pegs inside! We are allowed to go and visit whenever we like!


Here are some of the things we learnt on our walk:

  • Sometimes in the past, thatchers would put straw animals on the top of their rooves to show who did the work!
  • We had a good discussion about the postbox and telephone box by the old post office (which isn't actually the original post office!) We now know what ER stands for!
  • You can tell how a house is heated from the outside - we saw chimneys and flues on our walk (including a flue that was working perfectly!)
  • The hidden stone in the bush by the actual real original post office used to be Brington market place, where local people would trade goods. The cross on the top was removed when Oliver Cromwell passed through the village.


The bonus spotting was a roe deer in the churchyard!


Have a look at these pictures and see if you can tell what they are. Ask us if you can't work it out!

Monday 13th December 2021


Today was memorable!!! It was a normal day until... we made CHRISTINGLES! Then we joined the Ely Cathedral service and we watched it virtually by live stream as we couldn't be there in person. Bishop Dagmar led us in prayers and carols. We all laughed when Sarah came to the service as an inflatable orange and dressed up as a human Christingle! It was funny to see an oversized fruit walking up the aisle!


This is how we made the Christingles in school:

1. We got an orange and used four cocktail sticks to pin a red ribbon down.

2. On the cocktail sticks, we threaded sweets and raisins.

3. We made a hole in the top of the orange and pushed a candle in with a piece of foil underneath for safety.


The orange represents the world, the candle represents Jesus (the light of the world), the red ribbon represents the blood of Christ or the love of God and the four cocktail sticks with sweets and raisins on represent the good things that God provides for us through the seasons. 


We have been talking and learning about the symbolism of light in different religions this half term and this was a lovely way to end our RE unit (although it was terribly frustrating when we weren't allowed to eat the sweets!).

Friday 3rd December 2021


Today we had a fabulous English lesson about Edgar and the little girl. We are using the John Lewis advert about a dragon at Christmas who gets over-excited and accidentally burns things down! Our objective was to learn how to 'show, not tell'. This means that instead of saying 'the dragon was happy', we should show he is happy by describing his facial expressions and movements. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

  • When Edgar is excited, his eyes go all big like juicy apples and they twinkle. His wings open up and he runs like he has never been this ecstatic in his life. He reveals his claws and his nose starts to scrunch up.
  • When Edgar is ashamed of himself, his face doesn't light up. His shoulders and arms droop and his wings go all saggy like a wet paper bag. 
  • When the girl is concerned, she frowns and her eyebrows move to the middle of her face. She looks to the side and sighs loudly.


At the end of the advert, you feel happy because Edgar has tried to put everything right again and sets the Christmas pudding on fire in a calm and controlled manner! We smile and clap each time we watch it but not before we have shed a few tears. Keep a close eye on our class webpage to see our finished audio descriptions in two weeks...

Wednesday 24th November 2021


Today was 'Children in Need' day at Brington! We had to bring money to school so that we could wear 'home' clothes and lots of us remembered to bring bags of pennies too.


We were split into groups and sent to scour the school grounds for as many sticks as we could find! We wrote out this week's spelling words using sticks, leaves and mud. Then we played 'Shut the box' using natural, outdoor supplies. It was a bit trickier than playing in the classroom but much more fun!


After break, we spent a few minutes looking at images of nature and leaf art created by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy. Working individually, in pairs and in small teams, we made patterns with leaves, pebbles, berries and sticks. 


This afternoon, we had an interesting investigation into books for our Christmas lists! Mrs Evans will put the  links on Google Classroom later! We took a quick break to add to the 'Penny Pudsey' on the playground. Finally, we gathered our last sticks to make stars, trees and snowflakes to decorate the classroom. 


Today has been BOSH and totally optimal!  Check out the pictures of our work below...

Wednesday 17th November 2021


The week so far has been a blast! Just this morning, we met Maz Evans on a video chat. Are you wondering who Maz Evans is? She’s a famous author who has written fourteen books in her life so far. Her most popular is ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’, a story about a young boy who has to retrieve the Earth Stone from the Imperial State Crown. This sounds fairly straightforward, you might think, but he has a death daemon on his tail and he is being assisted by a team of oddly-modern but hapless Greek gods and goddesses! It has been our class read for the last few weeks and we are almost at the end. We can’t decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Good job there are three more books in the series…


In RE, we have been working in pairs to create a collage to share our thoughts and feelings about light and dark. In Science lessons, we have been working on creating circuits of electricity and this week we were investigating switches.