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We are very excited to be starting a new topic all about castles. 

Please find below our medium term planning to find out what we will be covering. 

Dinosaur Adventure

I am so pleased to be ready for the start of term and excited to welcome you all on the 14th September. We will be starting the first half term learning about dinosaurs. We will be reading some dinosaur stories, going hunting for fossils and learning about our senses in science by exploring different things. 



How can gethere ?


In Owl class we have a topic each half term that helps us to plan a choice of busy learning tasks and teaching tasks that the children will be engaged in.  We choose texts that fit within this topic to help further develop the children's creativity and social communication skills. Our current topic is How can I get there and looks at different vehicles and transport. Below is a link to this half terms medium term planning. 


How phonics and reading develop over the year

We start teaching children about Esafety as soon as they start school. Here are some of the stories and videos we will be sharing with your child over the year.