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As we learn in the bible... Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
(Thessalonians 5:11)

Eagles Reflections Blog

Wednesday 6th March 2024

Yesterday the Worship Committee delivered a lovely assembly all about the reopening of the prayer space.  They talked about the rules and how to respect and use the space correctly.  They also shared the timetable so we know when and how many people can use it at the same time.

We are all excited about the new quizzes and prayer prompts.  Hopefully some of these prayers will be shared in Celebration assembly on Fridays.

Wednesday 28th February 2024.

How can we make a small change to preserve water?

Take less time in the shower.

Have a shower instead of a bath.

Turn off the tap when you are not using the water.

Turn off the tap when you are brushing a teeth.

Only put as much water into a cup as you want to drink.

Catch rain water in a container to water your garden.


Non Chronological Reports about a fictional insect from Pandora. Friday 16th February 2024

Completed Photomontage artwork - inspired by Chris Plowman. Monday 12th February 2024

Eagles Class took a walk around Brington Village and Church to learn how to estimate how old different buildings might be.

Interview a staff member.  Mrs Kennedy (19th January 2024)


What is your favourite colour?



Why did you want to become a teacher? What inspired you to become a teacher?

I always loved being at primary school when I was a child and thought my teacher in KS2 was amazing.  Mrs Kelly.  I didn't go to university when I finished school because I wasn't confident enough to go and meet so many new people!  When I met Mr Kennedy, he asked me what i would have like to do and I said I would have loved to be a teacher.  He told me to just do it so I applied to university when I was about 34 and the rest is history.


Do you like children?

Ha Ha.  I wouldn't spend 6 hours a day with a huge group of them if I didn't like them.  I'll tell you a secret - I prefer spending time with children than with other adults usually.


How long have you been teaching?

About 17 years


How many children do you have?

4 boys aged from 16 - 29


What is your favourite animal?

I like lots of different animals but do have a soft spot for a tiger.


What did you do before you were a teacher?

I had lots of different jobs.  I was an admin assistant at Yaxley Health Centre,  then I worked in a butchers shop as a shop assistant.  I worked as a secretary in a recruitment company and also as an admin assistant at Hinchingbrooke School.  




Imagine a future filled with smiles and awesome adventures! Here are our hopes for the years to come:

Team Friendship: Let's be best pals with people from all over the world. No matter where we're from or what we believe, let's celebrate how cool we all are together!


Nature Heroes: Picture a world where we're like superheroes for the Earth. We take care of plants, animals, and all the amazing things in nature.


Super Learning: Imagine if learning was like a big, exciting treasure hunt! Let's make sure everyone gets to join in and have fun while learning new things.


Kindness Power: In the future, let's all have kindness superpowers! We can help each other out, share smiles, and be there for our friends when they need us.


Idea Wizards: Think about a world where we can use our awesome ideas to solve problems and make things better. Let's be like wizards of imagination and creativity!


Healthy Heroes: We can be like superheroes for our bodies! Eating yummy and healthy foods, exercising, and taking care of ourselves so we can feel super strong and happy.


Peaceful Playgrounds: Imagine if everywhere felt like the best playground ever, where everyone gets along and has fun together. No more icky arguments—just lots of games and laughter!


Fair Play: Let's make sure everyone has a chance to play and have fun, no matter who they are. Fair play for everyone means lots of smiles for all!


Tech Wizards: Imagine using cool gadgets and gizmos to help people and make the world even more awesome. Let's be wizards of technology for good!


Happy Learning: Learning can be like a big, happy party! Let's discover new things, ask lots of questions, and have a blast growing our brains.


As we dream about this super awesome future, remember that each of us has the power to make it happen. With our kindness, big dreams, and teamwork, we can create a world that's even more incredible!


 Today we have spoken about advent and it's importance. 

What is advent?


Here is our advent wish to you... 


     October 2023 

     Today we have been thinking about our learning behaviours and how we LOVE to celebrate them in different ways. We ALWAYS look forward to celebration assembly because there are so many different awards such as...


mail Star Value Award 

mail Christian Value Award 

mail Good Manners Award 

mail French Award  

mail Times Tables Awards 


" I love not knowing who is going up and everyone claps so loudly"

"I love it when my sister gets an award because I don't know. I feel proud" 

"You can praise other people for doing things outside of school" 

"I love getting house points"

"When I get onto the boom I feel amazing because I've done something the teacher really likes or thinks WOW I am amazing right now!" 

    September 2023 


     We have been thinking about different ways we can encourage each other at school. We think it is important to... 

 heart Help each other 

heart Respect each other

heart Forgive each other 

heart Love each other 

heart Compliment them 

heart Empathise 

heartPep talks 

heartCelebrate with them 

Wednesday 28th June 2023 - How is my cup filled?

Tuesday 27th June 2023 - Viking Longship design and build

Friday 23rd June - Viking Day

Empathy Day.  Thursday 8th June 2023


Today we took part in Empathy Day 2023 and completed many different challenges.  First we made our 'Superhero Empathy Glasses' which will help us to see inside other people and how they may be feeling or thinking.  

We also watch several short video clips of authors and illustrators who recommended books to help us see the world through the eyes of others.  We found out how to make an empathy mind map and how this could help us identify our own emotions throughout the day.

In the afternoon we went on a community village walk through Brington (picking up litter as we went). We discussed how we may need to feel empathy for different members of our community, for example farmers or people who don't have access to transport. 

We finished our day with an empathy 'Draw with Rob'.


Empathy Day. Thursday 8th June 2023

Monday 5th June


Individual Liberty and Faith.

What does it mean to be full in my life?  

We watched a film about Noah's ark.  He build a huge boat to ensure that many of the species of animals were saved and allowed them to continue.  This showed great faith to keep going for such a long period of time.

If you have a full life it is more likely to be joyful.

Having a full life means to live it in the best way you can, know when to say no and taking advantage of every opportunity.

Have a family, be loved and give love to other people.

To experience everything that you want to experience and achieve everything that you aim for.



Monday 5th June - Did you know that rather than being just a groups of violent invaders, the Vikings were great inventors who made many new discoveries.  One of these was glue!  Eagles class spent time investigating the effectiveness of different types of glue.  Some of our results where somewhat surprising!

Monday 5th June - Glue Investigation

Wednesday 24th May.

This week the Collective Worship Committee produced and delivered an assembly about love. The story we told in this assembly was about Naomi and Ruth and their friendship and love. Love is one of our four school Christian values. We asked questions such as ‘Have you shown any Christian values today?’ and ‘Do you know anyone like Naomi and Ruth?’ and just like every assembly we lit our candle that shows God is with us wherever we go.

Written by our Collective Worship group.

Tuesday 24th May. Viking Weaving

Friday 19th May 2023.

Collective Worship Theme for the week - Forgiveness

Forgiveness is something we all do at school.  We use it to forgive others if they do something that they may need to think more deeply about.

We talked about the Prodigal Son in our Monday assembly with Mrs Howe.  We also listened to our 'forgiveness song' and joined as a school to sing it.  

We also make sure we forgive ourselves if we make mistakes.

Cross Country Championships 2003 - Tuesday 16th May

Friday 5th May 2023

CORONATION CELEBRATIONS!  We started our day with some cooking.  This afternoon our school will be celebration the King's Coronation with a fete.  We got busy preparing some cheese twists to share at the celebration.  

Wednesday 3rd May 2023

As part of our RE topic we were learning about the Holy Trinity and we had to represent it out of clay.  This was particularly tricky because we needed to come up with an idea which was different to the original and so many representations have already been made that it was hard to be original.  Also the clay was quite dry and hard so we were limited in what we could do.

Tuesday 2nd May 2023

Weaving was hard at first and is getting easier.  It sounded like it would be difficult but with practice it became more automatic.  We are weaving because we want to make a section of cloth using the same methods as the Vikings.  

Monday 24th April 2023.  Viking Boy.  Prologue

Three voices speak in the deep darkness by the giant roots of Yggdrasil, great tree of worlds, its colossal bulk rising high into the sky above.  “Spin and weave…” says the first, the oldest, voice of that which has been.


The prologue of Viking Boy is a mystery!  Who are The Sisters?  Where have they come from?  Do they live for ever?  What do they mean by, "Spin and Weave..."?   

We tried to put ourselves into their shoes with a little role play and freeze frame.  Who has the most effective expressoon?!?!?

Frida21st April 2023.  Making Butter the Viking Way.  


Who knew it could be so easy ----  and yet sooo hard to make butter.  A seemingly simple task of shaking cream until it separates into butter and butter milk - and yet- our arms ached from the 25 minutes worth of shaking.  After a little taste, we could not agree on whether it tasted delicious or disgusting.  Great fun though.

Monday 27th March - Cooking on a budget - group 2

Monday 20th March - Cooking on a budget

Monday 27th February 2023


Today was our second session in forest school and we learned how to light fires.  It was more difficult that it looked as you had to strike the metal objects together much harder that we initially thought.  Miss Smith showed us how to use both hay and cotton wool to get the fire going and we had a go at lighting cotton wool.  We also played a different game in another part of the forest.  Great fun but the afternoon goes by way too quickly!

Friday 24th February 2023

We spent a whole day finishing our retro futuristic art unit and bringing together all of the elements of our art for the first half term.  Look below for our stunning creations.  We had a lovely (and messy!) day.

Retro futuristic Art

Monday 20th February

Today we had our first whole class forest school session.  We were really looking forward to the experience and it certainly didn't disappoint.  We loved the different games and activities that we were shown and particularly the game of hide and seek.  Many thanks to Miss Smith for sharing  her expertise with all of the children and staff in Eagles Class.  We can't wait to light fires next week now!

Eagles Class - Forest School

Wednesday 21st December

What a lovely way to end the term.  Irena asked for some help with decorating Christmas biscuits so year 6 volunteered with great enthusiasm!  Look at our masterpieces below - what a tempting sight.  We shared a delicious Christmas lunch wearing magnificent crowns and played some board games we wanted to share from home.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in Eagles Class.