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Wednesday 21st December

What a lovely way to end the term.  Irena asked for some help with decorating Christmas biscuits so year 6 volunteered with great enthusiasm!  Look at our masterpieces below - what a tempting sight.  We shared a delicious Christmas lunch wearing magnificent crowns and played some board games we wanted to share from home.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in Eagles Class.


Monday 12th December

We ended our topic of Climate Change by setting foot in our local environment of Brington Village to try and find evidence that local residents are making changes to the way they live in order to help slow down climate change.  We followed this up with a snowman making session and snowball fight!!

In the afternoon we recorded any evidence of supporting the environment on  map and then added our own ideas of how to go further with our environmental support.

Snowy Brington walk and playtime

6th November 2022

We have used both ICT and our own artwork to design an environmentally friendly classroom using all of the information we have gathered this term.  Today was time to start to create these masterpieces!

Our Environmentally Friendly School designs

Friday 14th October

We had a really informative workshop run by Richard from Anglian Water on Tuesday this week.  


We now know much more about how our water is treated and cleaned.  Our favourite part was when we mixed up lots of different things including tea bags, toilet roll, cereal, wet wipes and pretend waste from our bodies!  The sludge it made made a good point about what things we shouldn't flush down the toilet.

We also found out that we can waste more than 6 litres of water each time we brush our teeth if we leave the water running!

Richard had some really funny stories about things that can happen inside the sewage pipes.  We were all glad that the puppy which got flushed down the toilet had a happy ending!


Anglian Water Workshop

Friday 30th September 2022

This week we had an extremely informative workshop session with a visitor from Amey Cespa, the recycling company from Waterbeach.  We are now fully confident when deciding which bin to put in our different types of rubbish.


Friday 23rd September 2022

On Monday this week, there was a bank holiday because the Queen passed away and her funeral was on Monday.  Most of us watched it - the music was very sad and the drumming was soulful.  We are very sad that we may never have a queen again in our lifetimes.


This week we drafted our newspaper articles about Ernest Brightstorm's possible robbery and death from the book 'Brightstorm'.  


On Friday afternoon we enjoyed our art lesson.  We collected flowers and leaves from outside and had a go at sketching from observations including shading  and line drawing.



Friday 16th September

This week we enjoyed dissecting flowers.  

Friday 9th September 2022

Year 6 would like to give a warm welcome to our new members of class.  Hello - wonderful year 5's!.

We have had a great first week back in school after the summer holidays with everyone excited to see their friends again and get back into a routine.  

There was some very sad news yesterday - the Queen has died so we are feeling a little bit sombre today and would like to pay our respects to her family. 

We are all a little tired after a busy first week and looking forward to working together this year.

Week Commencing Monday 13th June 2022

Oh we do like our science in Eagles class.  This week we completed our forces unit by planning and carrying out an investigation into friction.  We had to drag an object over a range of different surfaces and use a force meter to see which one needed the most force to move it.  We concluded that the rougher the surface, the more friction there was between the surface and the object.  


W/C Monday 6th June 2022


After we all enjoyed a week for half term we are back again and working as hard as ever.  This week we created our mosaic art.  This proved to be more of a challenge than we thought it would as we were restricted by having to use whole squares to make up our design.  We got quite a lot of paint in our hair also!

Mosaic Art

Friday 20th May 2022

Science again today!!  This time we are looking at water resistance and aiming to compare two boats of the same design but one will be adorned with a sail!  In theory, the boat with a sail will be blown more quickly to the other side of the tub.  In reality, some of our sails were a little heavy and our boats quickly got soggy and sank to the bottom of the ocean.  The ones that were successful did prove that the addition of wind to a streamlined design will speed up the boat.

Making sailing boats.

Friday 13th May 2022

Science today was all about air resistance.  We had a go at making different sized parachutes to see if there would be any difference in the drop speed.  Even though it was rather windy in the forest area and some of us needed to drop our parachutes off a high climbing bar in the hall, we all demonstrated that the larger the parachute, the slower the drop speed.


Friday 6th May 2022


What an absolutely unforgettable week.    We loved our residential at Grafham at the start of this week.  Even the rain didn't stop our climbing and sailing activities.  The food was brilliant and we all slept well!  The week ended with a bang as many of us joined the Young Voices choir on Friday.  Once we got used to the volume, we threw ourselves into the songs and sang our hearts out.  We arrived back at school at midnight - nearly all of us fell asleep on the bus. 

Friday 22nd April 2022

The highlight of this (very short 4 day week due to Easter Monday) was our athletics lesson.  Mrs David from Hunts Schools Sports Partnership taught us how to maximise the use of our bodies to squeeze extra speed from our sprinting.

In science, although it looked like we were just dropping balls from the top of the tower in the forest area, we were actually investigating the effect of gravity on the rate of falling objects which are the same size but different weights.  Take a look at the videos below to discover our findings.

We also became familiar with the story of Romulus and Remus and now know the story of the beginning of Rome.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

31st March 2022

The last two weeks have flown by in a whirlwind of end of term activities and events!

We had the wonderful Mothers Day shop last week and made some beautiful cards for the special ladies at home.  These cards were linked to our art for this term and made use of a vanishing point to show off our new skills.

Our Easter cards for our pals in France got posted just in time and we hope they receive them before they also break up for their holidays.  

Some of us in Year 6 came back to school to hear some detailed information about our SATS next term and took some past papers to look over for the weekend.

During our last PSHE lesson we made some board games to demonstrate our knowledge about staying safe online.  Check our a few photos of these below.  

We finished the term by saying a temporary goodbye to Mrs Kiernan who will be away for the summer term.  Extra breaktime and biscuits were enjoyed by all.  Have a super Easter break everyone. 

Science Week - Friday 18th March 2022

We spent the last day of science week investigating how to separate a range of different materials.  There was quite a lot of mess by the end of the lesson.  We used a funnel and filter paper to separate sand from water and a sieve to separate rice, paperclips and sand.   

The sugar solution that we left to dry on the radiator last week has now returned to sugar crystal as all of the water evaporated from the solution.

Also this week we have spent two lessons designing a hexapod that could live on the moon of Pandora.  These will be used to write a non-chronological report next week explaining, using scientific language, how these insects survive. 

Science Week

Friday 11th March 2022

As we write this blog, we are relaxing with some perspective art.  We are using a vanishing point and a horizon line to draw a scene of a street with houses and trees.

On Wednesday we went on an educational walk to the local church.  In our topic we are studying our local area and as part of this topic, we studied the gravestones, the brickwork, and tiles.  We also took some rubbings.

We carried out a science investigation this week to test how the temperature of water would affect the speed of dissolving.  We discovered that the higher the temperature, the quicker sugar will dissolve.  At the present time we are waiting to see if the the water will evaporate and leave behind the sugar.  Is it a reversible change?

This week the school has also become a temporary home for pigs and sheep!!  They are so cute.  We all feel like farmers!


Science investigation into rates of dissolving

Walk to the Church

Friday 4th March 2022

We went on a wonderful welly walk.  We started off at the school and walked all of the way to Molesworth.  We went over bridges and through muddy fields.  We collected ideas for our senses writing including see snowdrops, crocuses and three different types of poo!

Today is our world book day dressing up day. This week we have listened to stories in a cosy read session, studied the book 'Where my wellies take me' and written our own recount of our walk to Molesworth.  

We started a new topic in Science all about materials.  We carried out an investigation to find which material would be the best thermal insulator.  (We were quite surprised by the results).


We are all sitting here waiting for our first school disco in TWO YEARS!!!

Bossy Boots

Welly Walk

Friday 25th February 2022

This week we have loved our school class guided reading book 'Can you see me.'  This story is about a pupil called Tally who has autism.  This makes her life quite difficult and frustrating.  The story is helping us to understand how pupils our age can find life different to us. 

On Thursday morning we had a walk around the village. Our aim was to study the windows, chimneys and rooves of buildings in our local area.   We are now getting the skills and knowledge to be able to tell how old a house is.

Also, this afternoon we have done one of our favourite lessons - for our last science lesson on classification we designed, drew, named and described an animal which has not yet evolved!  Examples include Pancat, Tigle, Winged Piggit, Floatus Basiliscus and the Mountain Palf.  

Friday 11th February 2022

We are LOVING our new writing unit 'Home Sweet Home'!  It is a feel-good story about friendship, teamwork, trust and (well we don't know because Mrs Kennedy hasn't let us watch the end yet!)

So far we have written a narrative from the perspective of one of the houses and upgraded our sentences by adding descriptive adjectives, adverbials and personification.  

Some of us (but not all of us) were fascinated to watch our dances back on video.  We spent time reflecting on the different qualities of the dance and wrote a mini-report to evaluate the final piece.

Finally, we have had another go at classifying objects - this time leaves.  Please see the photo gallery for examples.

Most of us are looking forward to a week of rest and relaxation after our busy term.


Classification of Leaves

Friday 4th February 2022

Our favourite lesson this week was definitely art!  As part of our local study topic, we will be designing buildings to suit the local area.  We watched a video which explained to us the concept of a single point of perspective and then followed the instructions to produce a drawing of our own.  The concentration and delight in producing such wonderfully accurate outcomes was a super end to another excellent week of learning.  Please see the picture gallery below for some examples of our work.

First point perspective drawings

Friday 28th January 2022


This week we developed our understanding of how to classify according to the rules of Carl Linneaus.  We had a selection of sweets which were made from different types of product and in a range of different colours and shapes.  We were asked to develop questions, which could only be answered with 'yes' or 'no' in order to develop different groups.  We had various levels of success with this task as the google doc on which we were trying to record our branching diagram was SOOO fiddly that it was almost impossible to manipulate the images!!  We were all very good and, even though we were sorely tempted, we didn't even sample one sweet!

Friday 7th January 2022



Great start back!  We are all having fun but it's a bit muddy!

Some of us really enjoyed maths because we have a new maths game called Prodigy for our homework.  We tried it and got quite excited - YAY.

Mrs Kennedy has read a few stories from the book 'Short' this week.  We were very scared (not really) but they were quite spooky. We are looking forward to writing our own spooky story.

Our new guided reading text is also really fun - Tuesday.  We are very keen to find out what happens to the frogs!

Anyway time to go now and listen to another spooky story.  

Friday 17th December 2021

We finished our wonderful 'Light up' Christmas decorations this week.  There was lots of swapping bulbs, wires and batteries to get them to work but we got there in the end.  

We also enjoyed eating lunch in our classroom all week.  Waitress service was blissful and the lunches were wonderful as always (thank you Irena).  We particularly loved our Christmas lunch, along with the festive crackers.  Pigs in blankets are the best!! 

On Friday we enjoyed a day of festive fun including the hilarious pantomime Aladdin.

This term the whole class have worked hard, played hard and had fun.  We are looking forward to two weeks to rest and be with our families.

See you in 2022!

Our 'Light up' Christmas designs

Friday 3rd December

This week we started our fabulous new writing unit.  Keeping on the theme of World War II, we watched a short video called 'Beyond the Lines'.  We all have a different theory on the reason for the title of the video and are slowly  unpicking the meaning behind the scenes.

In maths we are 'loving' long division with remainders.  Each lesson we get more and more confident with the method. 

We were hoping to start making our Christmas electricity decorations this week but Mrs Kennedy told us we need more practice building circuits first!!  Fingers crossed we can get stuck in with building these next week.



Friday 26th November 2021


The week when .............. we met a pilot!!!


We LOVED the online visit with the famous author Maz Evans last week!!  She was so interesting and had a wonderful childish humour that had us in stitches.  She has inspired us to read her books and Mrs Evans even had to order more for the library!


Thursday 18th November 2021

We made circuits from the electricity equipment to carry out an investigation to discover whether adding more bulbs to a circuit would affect the brightness of the bulbs.  We need to order more batteries as some of them were flat,  but loved it anyway!!


Friday 19th November 2021

In Maths, Mrs Kennedy let us write on our desks - it was so much fun.  It did have a purpose though.  We were using practical resources to learn how to divide three digit by one digit numbers.


Monday 22nd November 2021

We started our first draft of our autobiographies.  We are thoroughly enjoying the process of sharing our lives with each other.   


Tuesday 23rd November 2021

We were delighted to host an expert on Spitfires to our class on Tuesday afternoon.  Cliff Spinks told us about the development of planes in England and Germany throughout World War II.  He had a range of amazing photos showing him performing aerobatics. 


Wednesday 24th November

On Wednesday we raised money for Children in Need by setting out pennies onto the playground in the shape of a big Pudsey.  We made Pudsey pictures.  We loved planning and setting out games on the field for each other to try.

Also on Wednesday eight of us were trained to become Play Leaders.  This involved learning how to play different games, complete different challenges and create our games.