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Photo gallery and Owls class reflection Spring term 22

Using beebots for maths

We can say left, right, forwards and back to give our robots directions to move around. We are great at working together. Thanks Miss Eastol. 

This week we have loved our Science learning.

We thought about different animals that live in different habitats. We know animals that live together might eat each other. We made a food chain where our pictures could eat each other. Yum, yum, yum. 

The three little pigs

We built with straw, sticks and bricks. "I am going to be a brick layer" 

"I loved my friends story" "My pig in my story box can stand up" 

We can melt different things.

We made beautiful flower gardens by putting flowers in water and leaving them in the freezer. We could watch them melt in our back garden. For a special treat for our Mums, we melted chocolate to make a tiny chocolate treat. 

Investigating work for measuring

We really had fun looking at measuring in our maths lessons. We compared the length of different objects and the weight of natural objects in our forest school area. We found that a feather is lighter than a pebble. 

Our new book called yucky worms. 


We liked making wormaries. We had to dig to find worms. 

Happy Chinese New Year


We went on a chinese number treasure hunt. It was fun to look for the different pictures. We ate noodles using chopsticks. It was yummy. 

Moving onto bigger numbers. 


This week we played snakes and ladders for maths. We can count up to 100. It is easy. We did so well at playing together that we all went on the BOOM. 

We made dough twists on the fire. Mrs Howe let us dip them in jam. 

First week back for 2022. 


We like the hay outside on the terrace. We can pretend to be farm animals. The hay is really tickly. 


You can make a fishing rod with a stick and some string, you put a knot on the end. We used our sticks to paint a picture. We loved it, it was the same as using a paint brush. 


We can use craft knives. We know to use a safety ruler and put the blade away when you are done.