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Learning about another STAR value - Respect

We love the rabbits. They had to come inside because it is too cold outside. 

They like our stories. 

Learning about another STAR value - Ambition

We read the Wrong Kind of knight and made him a castle. I had a flag on my castle. I liked the draw bridge because we put little pipe cleaners through holes to make the drawbridge go up and down. 

What an ambitious class to design such detailed castles and spend time drawing on the stone work designs! 

Showing respect out in the community 

We had an excellent trip to Rockingham Castle. Our tour guide said we were really good at listening and asking questions. We looked at some very old things and spent time in the gardens at the castle. 

Using teamwork to make Motte and Bailey castles

In Owls class we are very good at working in groups to build things. We looked at pictures of what a Motte and Bailey castle would look like and then re created them using loose parts that we found in our classrooom. We had to listen to each other and take turns to make them look fantastic. 

Using technology to learn about dinosaurs. 

We did not need our teachers help. So we now know all about self belief. 

Learning based on Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs. 

We have been exploring with our own buckets of dinosaurs. We went to the libaray the forest and the church yard. We enjoyed being out of the classroom and telling our own stories. 

Teamwork - learning about one of our school values

We are enjoying using our PE skills to build our teamwork skills. We cheer for each other. 

Our first forest school session.

Dinosaur Roar!

We have been reading the book dinosaur Roar. Our learning has involved rhyming words and thinking what the different words might mean. 

Our first week 

We have been busy finding out where everything is. We know that we need to be safe at school and Mrs Howe is here to help us keep safe.