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Thinking about courage.


We had a good think about how we have been showing our Christian value of Courage. 


We went to the woods and made a ladder to get up the wooden castle. We kept on having to try if it was stable and I kept on falling down. You needed a grown up to hold it and make it safer. 

Some people did swinging up to get on the castle. It was bigger than me. 

I was brave on the tree swing because I nearly hit my head. 

Getting down from the castle was even harder. I had to slide down, so when I had enough courage I could build myself up and Rupert encouraged me. 

We love pond school


Today we went to the pond instead of going to forest school. We love the pond. 

I found a nymph. It was yellow and wriggly. I found tiny flies. I got a wet arm. 

Happy Easter.

We listened to the Easter story at church and built an Easter garden. Everyone made a stone to help Jesus have a path away from his tomb. 

In the woods again. We had to bash leaves to print on a bit of cloth. 

Our art work this term is learning about printing. We made these prints in sticky, yucky mud in the woods this week. 

we went for a walk this week to look for signs of Spring. We found snowdrops, aconites, crocus and daffodils. 

We have had visitors in Owls class this week. Some of kites class read us stories in snack time. We looked at each other's work from our English books. 

New year 2023

We have only been back to school for a bit and we are cooking so many vegetables in a wok to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

Our first week learning about different celebrations was great. We learnt how to put on a sari using our little maths people, we made rangoli patterns from powder and rice and we made our own diyas out of clay. 

We are doing different excersise moves in PE. We can link our jumps with a way of moving and even a roll. 

Our Archimboldo pictures look good. We used fruit and vegetables to make them. 

Showing teamwork in our Science investigation.

We carried out a science experiment this week. Thank you to the year 1 children who helped record all the ideas, working in pairs. We had to use our sense of hearing so we could check all the things we could hear outside. 

Some of our Busy Learning

We have really enjoyed our leaning all over the school this week. We have been busy solving problems and working in a team in our back garden. We have loved showing care and love to animals in our RSPCA role play activity. We have solved problems in our maths work too, using the hall space to make big models to show the parts and whole of different numbers. 

We did some sorting of nature stuff on Monday. We loved sorting things out. Everyone did! Even our brand new children who started school on Monday. They are awesome! 

We've been having fun moving in different ways with our new early years friends. We moved as a sleigh, a cat, a princess carriage, a camel, a car and as if we were on a pogo stick. We have been reading "You choose" and there are lots of ways of travelling in it. 

We have had fun on the terrace learning about bodies and animals. 

We made biscuits on Friday and had a cup of tea because the Queen died and she really loved us and we loved her very much. We watched the Queen having tea with Paddington Bear to remember how great, thoughtful and kind she was. She liked to meet lots of people and we are sure she would have liked to have tea with us.