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Learning At Home


All of your weekly homework, and any other home learning tasks will now be sent on Google Classroom.  The link for this website is below. 


Homework will be set every Friday and will need to be returned on the following Friday.


Please let me know if you need any help accessing or using Google Classrooms.

Summer Term 1 2023-2024

We always have so much to look forward to in the Summer Term!  Our main topic for the whole term is Ancient Rome with a particular focus on Queen Boudicca as a significant person in history.  We will also study the architecture of Roman Bathhouses and how they were a focal point for socialising and reading. Our French and art lessons will also have a Ancient Roman focus. 

Our PE days remain the same - Wednesdays and Thursdays - so please come into school wearing your PE kit on those days.  We will be honing our netball skills and developing different techniques in athletics for the first half term.

Please have a look at the Medium Term Plan for this half term if you would like more information about our learning.  

Spring Term 2 2023-2024

This half term we will be continuing our local study topic and find out how William the Conqueror controlled England using the Domesday Book.  We may even find a record of Brington there!  We will take a closer look at architecture, and use a new software program to design a new building for Brington.  In science we will investigate how materials can change by completing several practical investigations  PE for this term will be Country Dancing and Kwik Cricket.  PE days will still be on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Our medium term plan is below if you would like any more detail about our learning this half term.



Spring Term 1 2023-2024

Happy New Year!!

We have a fantastic term planned from now until the Easter break including a close look at the history of Brington.  By the end of the term you will all be able to tell how old a building is and become expert map makers, building designers and village planners!

Our science this term is the fascinating subject of classification - we will study a range of living creatures and discover some of the less common animals on our planet.

Mrs B will continue to teach you on Thursdays and PE lessons will continue to be on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Have a look at the medium term plan below if you would like more detailed information about our Spring Term learning.

Autumn Term 2023-2024


For the second half of the Autumn term our class reading text is When The Sky Falls and will provide us with more knowledge about World War II.  Our main focus will be European Geography and we will think about changes in Europe which were caused by World War II.

Our Medium Term Plan document is below this post if you would like more detail about all of the learning we will enjoy this half-term.


PE lessons will be on Wednesday (for year 6 only) and Thursday (whole class) this term so please come to school in your PE kits on these days.

Year 5 will be enjoying three more sessions at Forest School on Wednesday afternoons for the second half term.  You will need to wear long trousers and long sleeved tops with sturdy, waterproof shoes (or wellies) and a waterproof coat for when the weather is wet.  


We will always provide all of the equipment for school but, if you wish to, you may bring in your own small pencil case with your own equipment.  


We are very excited about the new term and looking forward to the next year of learning!

Mrs Kennedy

Summer Term - 2022-2023

Our topic this term is The Vikings and our first class text, Viking Boy, will be the inspiration for the setting descriptions and information texts that we will write.  We will find out where the Vikings lived before they invaded Britain and what made their invasion so successful.  Our science work this term involves lots of practical investigations linked to the Vikings.  In Art and Design we will be weaving in the style of the Vikings and after half term we will design and make a longboat in DT.

Our PE days will continue to be Mondays and Tuesdays, including swimming days, for this term so remember to come to school in your PE kits on those days.

If you would like to know more about our learning this half term then have a look at the planning document below.

Spring Term - Second Half 2022-2023


This half term we will finish our Space topic in Science and then move on to a study of different rocks and fossils.  

Our class book this half term is The Nowhere Emporium and both our Guided Reading and Writing work will be linked to this book.

Our Crime and Punishment topic will continue and we will be looking closely at how policing has changed over the years.

Something exciting to look forward to are our sessions in the Forest!  We will be spending time connecting with nature and learning how to light fires so we can cook a meal at the end of the term.

PE will continue to be on Mondays and Tuesdays so make sure you come in your PE kits on those days.  If you want any further information on our learning for Spring Term 2, please take a look at the medium term plan below.  

Spring Term - First Half 2022-2023

I am very much looking forward to our topics this term, particularly a look through history at crime and punishment, and building up to the superb creations we will work towards in our art topic of retro futurism.  In science we will be exploring our earth, other planets and taking a close look at how the sun affects how we live.

Our PE days will continue to be Mondays (Gymnastics) and Tuesdays (Table Tennis) so please remember to come into school wearing your PE kits on these days.

Our first guided reading book this term is Holes and we will also be linking much of our writing to this text.

Please take a look at the medium term plan below if you would like to find out more information about any of the other subjects.



Autumn Term - Second Half 2022-2023

I hope you had a restful half-term break and are raring to go for the second half of Autumn Term.

We will continue to learn about sustainability and climate change and will be studying a new book for this half term and linking our written work to this topic. 

In science we will be digging more deeply into the life cycles of different types of animals. 

Our PE days this term continue to be on Mondays and Tuesdays so please make sure you are in your PE kits on these days.

We all know each other really well now so, please remember, you can speak to anyone in school if you have any concerns or worries.

If you would like to find out any more information about our learning this half term, please look at the medium term plans below.

Mrs Kennedy

Academic Year 2021-2022

Summer Term 2

This half term we will continue to study Ancient Rome with a closer look at why the Romans wanted to invade Britain.  We will also be learning some key facts about the Romans in our French lessons.

In Science we have two more lessons in our forces topic to finish and then we will finish the year by taking a close look at the human heart and how it is part of the circulatory system.  

Our PE lessons for this half term will be SWIMMING!! We have waited so long to get back into the pool so make sure your swimming kits are in school every Monday and Friday.  You won't need to wear your PE kits this term apart from on sports day.  Remember to bring goggles if you are used to using them in the pool.  

We will also need to spend lots of time rehearsing for the end of year production Robin Hood, so I hope you are all busy learning your lines!


Summer Term 1

This term our topic is all about Ancient Rome.  After discovering the legend of the founding of Ancient Rome, we will study the effectiveness the the Roman ruling system then look at the different jobs that people would have had during this period in history.  

Our science topic is all about forces including gravity, air and wind resistance and how different surfaces can affect how much frictions is produced.

We have our residential to Grafham Water so keep checking your kit list is getting packed!

Also, for those of you in the choir, we are finally going to Young Voices.  I am so excited to be able to sing at the O2 Arena again.  For those of you who haven't been before, it is an unforgettable event.

Our PE days have changed this term.  You will need to come to school dressed in your PE kits on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We have the Hunts Schools Sports Partnership coming in to teach athletics on Tuesdays.

I love the summer term!

Please take a look at the medium term plan below for more information about everything we will be doing this term.

Spring Term 2

As the weather starts to warm up and Spring approaches, we are going to get out and explore Brington village in more detail as part of our local study.  Make sure you always have warm clothes and a coat in school for these village walks.  You will be exploring clues that help us find out when buildings were built and spot things that you have probably not noticed before about the village in which many of you live.  We will continue to have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays so remember to come into school with your PE kits on.  

Please have a look at the planning for half-term below for more details about our next busy half-term.


Spring Term 1

Happy New Year!!

I am really looking forward to 2022.  We have so many new and exciting topics to immerse ourselves in and your dedication to learning last term makes me keen to get the new term underway.

This term we will be taking a close look at the area in which we live and where it is positioned in the world.  We will be exploring the village on foot.  I know you will be surprised to learn new information about things you walk past every day.  We will be using paper and online maps, and digging deeply into what makes our area unique.

I love the science topic this term.  We will find out how to classify all living things.  There may be sweets involved too!

PE days are the same as last term so come into school in your PE kits on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

If you want to find out more about our learning this term then take a look at the medium term plan for more details.  

Finally - I know I always say this - but please let us know if you need any extra help or support at any time.  We want you to love learning and being in school.


Autumn Term 2

What an amazing first half term we had to our World War II topic!  Our 'Brington Anderson Shelter' project is almost complete with just one or two more sessions to go.  Our first novel study 'Letters from the Lighthouse' had us on tenterhooks as we got towards the end and finished on the last day of half term.  I have never seen a class so keen to listen to a story!

The success of our tag rugby team was the icing on the cake of a brilliant start for Eagles Class this academic year.

We will continue this topic this half term and start to explore the home front, the D Day landings and the end of World War II.

Our PE days will change this half term so pupils need to come into school in their PE kits on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We are having a go at a new sport later in the half-term.  Mrs Johnson is quite excited!

Please see below for more information in the Medium Term Plan below.


Autumn Term 1

Hello to you all in years 5 and 6.

Welcome back to another amazing year at Brington!

I hope you all had a lovely and restful summer break.  

I am really looking forward to this term with you all and know we will work hard, have fun and enjoy each others company.

Our main topic this half-term is World War II and in science we will be studying light.

Remember to come to school in your PE kit on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We are really lucky that we have a fantastic coach to teach us some of our PE this half-term - a PE skill that I don't think any of you have ever heard of!

Please look at the medium term plan below to find more information about the learning this half-term.

Mrs Johnson and Mrs Kiernan will both be working with us in Eagles class this year.


Mrs Kennedy