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Brington Blog Tutorial

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In the event of a school closure, this is one way in which staff will contact pupils and also how pupils can contact their teachers if they have any home learning questions.

Brington E-Safety Video

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Remember your SMART e-safety

Summer Term 2020- First Half


It is so strange starting the term like this rather than all being together in our classrooms at school.

Mrs Evans and Mrs Kennedy are so proud of how you engaged with the lessons we put on the home learning pages for the last two weeks of last term.  We are also grateful that you let us know that you felt the lessons were helping you and that they are giving you just the right amount of work.


We have decided to keep the same routine as this term starts so use the home learning each day to keep learning new skills and revising things you have already covered in school.


Our topic this term is 'Rivers' and each week there will be an afternoon lesson to help you find out how rivers are formed, how they are used and how they change over time.  

We will also continue our 'Forces and Friction' topics with a practical activity each week.


The most important thing is that you feel happy and safe, which can be really tricky with so many changes to our routines.  We don't want you to worry at all if you are finding it hard to keep up with the work.  Use the blogs as often as you would like to so we can all keep in touch. 


Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Evans







Viking joinery investigation and traditional Viking weaving

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We investigated Viking joinery methods in preparation for our longhouse build and we used traditional Viking weaving methods to make our own Viking clothing!

Viking Longhouse Project - the build!

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Curriculum focus - traditional Viking joinery - we crafted our own half-lap joints for the structure (D&T)

KIT Car project - Learning about sustainability

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Some of our poetry - The Lost Words...

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We loved writing our own animal poems and the art skills were brilliant!

Traditional Ancient Egyptian Cooking!

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World War 2 Topic - Living Off The Land!

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Our local community helped us to collect apples so that we could make our own apple juice. We wrote instruction texts which explained how to use the apple press and we used our maths skills to work out how many apples we needed to produce one litre of apple juice. It tasted amazing and the whole school got involved!

Eagles Class - Singing at Christmas

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Eagles learning in photos

Our trip to Jorvik Viking Centre
'Building it' in maths
PSHE Teamwork Challenge!
Maths - Calculating the optimal growing space
for our school greenhouse
Green house designs!
Green house designs!
Desert Island Survival week
RE - We made our own quill pens to
write accounts of the Vikings' attack on Lindisfa
Huts made!
Engineering - Designing wind turbines