Brington Church of England

Primary School

Together, striving to be the best that we can be!


We run a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities, mostly after school, but occasionally at lunchtime.  The clubs available change on a regular basis to try to ensure that there is something of interest to everyone, whatever their age and interests.

Most of our clubs are run by school staff but occasionally we enlist the use of others, including parents and sports coaches who have a particular skill and a willingness to share it.  If you have a particular skill or interest and would be willing to run a club, please speak to a member of staff - we are always looking for new opportunities to offer our pupils!

A letter is sent out at the beginning of each term outlining the clubs available for that term (or part of).  On occasions, further clubs are added to this as the term progresses.

Please make sure that school is informed if a child won't be attending their usual club(s) for a particular reason, so that staff do not spend time checking where they are.

Rubik's Cube Club

This is the link we're using at our lunchtime club - use it to practice at home!
Week 1 - up to 5min 7sec
Week 2 - up to 17min 7sec