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Welcome to our class blog. We aim to do at least one blog post each week and most of our posts will be created using ideas generated by pupils during a shared writing session. Most recent blogs will be posted at the top.



Summer term 1

Thursday 19th May 

During history lessons we have been looking at changes over time within the topic of food. We have looked at new recipes compared to old recipes. We know that in the past WW2 happened and that this affected the types of foods that were eaten in this country. We looked a recipe for Parsnip cake, and talked about why certain ingredients would have been substituted for ones that were easier to get hold of. Here are some photos of us making our parsnip cake!



Wednesday 18th May 

Hawks class have been learning about position and direction in maths. We started off last week by describing forward, backwards, left and right. We learnt that we can look at our left hand and make a L shape with it, to remind us this is the LEFT. 

Then we used our knowledge of fractions to support us with describing turns. We headed outside to practice different turns inside our own circle (hoop). We linked our knowledge of telling the time to help us with clockwise and anticlockwise directions. 

Then we made our own maps and directed a toy vehicle around them, describing movement and turns. Please see some photos below. 


Friday 13th May

The most exciting thing that happened today was that Hawks class finally filled up our jar of 'warm and fuzzies' everytime we have spotted something kind, showing service or respect to others we get to put some pompoms in a jar. As we filled this up, we got a class treat - ice cream! The children had previously completed a survey in maths on Hawks class favourite ice cream flavours, so Mrs Sandham knew which ones to get!

In English this week we have started our new book called: The Bee Who Spoke. It is a lovely book so far which is set in France - so we have even been focussing on it in our french lessons! 

This book is inspiring us to research bees. 


Friday 6th May


This week we did our Year 2 SATs tests (or quizzes) as the children know them. Everyone did such an amazing job and worked so hard. This week our Maths and English has focussed on all the skills we have learnt so far in Year 2.

In Science this week we looked at the life cycle of a plant. We noticed that our bean plants were at the Seedling stage so we planted them in some soil to give them extra nutrients. We will continue to record their growth journey. 



Friday 29th April 2022


In English this week we looked at predicting what kind of story The Secret Sky Garden will be. Some of us thought that it will be a sad story because the setting is a dull boring place that is full of litter. Some people thoughts perhaps the main character will change the setting for the better, maybe by planting flowers. 

In Science we checked our bean plants that we are growing in a bag on our window. We made another entry on our Bean Diary. Most of them now have a shoot growing out of them. We noticed that the water had evaporated from the paper towel (we thought about what this means and why this has happened). So we added some more water to the paper towels.

In Maths we have moved onto measuring using metres. We looked at what we would measure using those.

In PSHE we looked at the range of people who can help during an emergency, we know that 999 is the number we should call if we need the help of the fire brigade, police or ambulance service.. 


Friday 22nd April 2022

This week we started a new English book called The Secret Sky Garden. We saw at at the start of the story the setting needs improving as there is lots of litter and weeds making the place look dull and dirty. We have had a focus on persuasive language. We are going to write a letter than can be read by other members of Brington School, we are going to convince them why we should not litter.

In Maths we have looked at Time, especially telling the time to the quarter hours. We have reminded ourselves which sides of the clock shows past and to the hour. Our main topic is measurement. This week we have looked at measuring things using cm. We know what things we would choose to measure in cm and why this is. 

Our topic this half term in Science is plants. This week we have focussed on plants growing from seeds. We also know that plants need: water, light, and the right temperature to grow healthily. We have set up an experiment to test this out, by placing some beans in wet paper towels inside clear sandwich bags. We have stuck these on the window where they will get light. We then decided we needed 3 different ones which do not have the right conditions. We put one in the fridge (wrong  temperature) one in the cupboard (no light) and one with a dry paper towel (no water). We will monitor them each day for stages of growth. 




Friday 28th January 2022

This week brought a new English book for us The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith. Maisie enjoyed reading our new book, we looked at Chapter 1 and 2. Then we did some acting, and pretended to be the little hedgehog Max. Freddie & Eleanor loved this. We used this to help us to write in role as Max, and the writing from Hawks class was amazing! Ava really enjoyed using the different writing skills she's learnt. 

Teddy has enjoyed DT this week, we practiced another skill for our farm pictures and made moving wheels. Next week we will put all our skills together on one picture. 

Oscar liked finishing off multiplication and division in maths, then we moved onto Statistics. We started this with Tally Charts. We are trying to remember to count in 5s then 1s for the ones that don't fit in a group of 5!

In RE we have looked at parables that Jesus taught. We learnt about the story of the farmer and the seeds which had quite a complex message, but we retold the parable afterwards.



Friday 21st January 2022

This week in maths we have been learning about grouping and sharing to divide. We know the difference between the two methods. 

In English this week we have been predicting the end of the story for The Last Wolf, then we drew some pictures and wrote some good sentences to explain. 

For our Topic lessons we used our ICT skills to research more about farming and farmers then we used those facts to make our own leaflet. We finished those today in English and they are looking great!

Kaiya's favourite part of the week has been making our leaflets. 

Darcy liked learning about the story the Last Wolf. 

Jessica liked using oil pastels to create our own artwork, inspired by The Last Wolf. 


Friday 7th January 2022

We have only been back for 3 days this week but Hawks class have been amazing! Everyone has settled back into our routines so well. 

In Maths we have carried on with multiplication, this week our focus has been equal groups, recognising them and then adding them together. 

In English we have started a new book The Last Wolf by Mini Grey. We started by reading the classic story of Red Riding Hood and comparing the main character Little Red in this book. The class were great at using powerful adjectives to describe and we also looked at the effect interesting vocabulary has on the reader.

During Topic lessons we have had an introduction to farming, and have looked at all the different things that are produced on farms around the world. We then sorted these things into groups of animals produce or grown. 

We are looking forward to learning more of our topic and having our first science lesson about animals next week. 


Friday 10th December 2021


In Maths we have been drawing lots of arrays to help us with our multiplication. We know if we have the multiplication sentence 5x3 we can draw 5 rows of 3 and then count the dots to find the total.

In English we have been reading the Jolly Christmas Postman. We have enjoyed story mapping the story and looking at all the characters. We also had a go at creating a catalogue of products for the 4 Bears in the story - just like in the first Jolly Postman with the wicked witch's catalogue. 

We have been filming our Nativity this week, we have worked so hard singing and performing and we can't wait to see the final product and show you all.

We have enjoyed vaulting in PE - we have been showing how we can jump up onto our knees and then our toes. We showed great balance. 

In geography we looked at symbols on maps. We explored some Ordinance Survey maps and studied the key. Then we matched the symbols to the correct description. 

One more week to go until the Christmas Holidays! 


Friday 3rd December 2021


This week in English we finished Traction Man! We completed our last piece of work which was sequencing event of the story and then we were very excited to see that Mrs Evans had sent a picture of some of our work to the author Mini Grey - and we got a reply! She said our writing was amazing!

In Maths we have moved onto making equal groups and we have been making lots of rows and columns and describing them using repeated addition and multiplication number sentences. 

We are starting to feel very festive! Unfortunately due to the current climate our audience won't be able to watch our Nativity Play live - but we are still looking forward to making a movie of the Nativity instead to share with our families! Today in Hawks class we watched a video of the Nativity Story, and we talked about how the actors showed their feelings and actions, and we understood it even though it was actually spoken in another language! 

Today we enjoyed making some Christmas cards and paper chains, all from materials we already had in our classroom. We also enjoyed buying some gifts from the Elf Shop today at playtime. Our classroom looks great! 



Thursday 25th November 2021


What a busy week we're having! Yesterday was our school Children in Need fundraising day, and we also had a focus on outdoor learning. We joined up with Owls class to learn about and celebrate Thanksgiving as some families in Owls class celebrate this holiday. 

We started by collecting leaves and made them into our own wreaths, the leaves where so beautiful we didn't need to add anything else!

Then we gathered in the forest area and built a fire, on which we cooked corn chowder and sweet potatoes. We finished this off with a try of corn bread! We had fun cooking some different food and some even enjoyed it so much they had seconds!

At the end of the day everyone in school who had brought in 1ps and 2ps placed them on the playground in the shape of Pudsey bear's face! It looked great. 


Because Hawks class have been learning about money in maths, the job of counting up all the coins that had been donated for children in need came to us! It looked like a bank in our classroom! We sorted the different types of coins, then arranged them into stacks of 10p and arrays to make it easier to count. Altogether, the coins added up to £39! 


We are working so hard at the moment practising for our Nativity Play, and we're looking forward to the dress rehearsal next week!