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Welcome to our class blog. We aim to do at least one blog post each week and most of our posts will be created using ideas generated by pupils during a shared writing session. Most recent blogs will be posted at the top.


Wednesday 17th January 2024


This week in PSHE we have been talking about stereotypes. Hawks class drew a firefighter, doctor and a pilot and most of them were boys! We spoke about how anyone can do any job they want to when they are older! 


Out at Forest School we played lots of games to burn off our energy and enjoyed a tasty hot chocolate. 


Our favourite book we have read this week in our class read time has been 'Paddington and the Tutti Frutti Rainbow'. We are looking forward to more stories next week! 


Wednesday 10th January 2024


This week in Hawks has been very busy already! 


On Friday, Miss Smith found a mysterious letter on the floor and we had to follow the clues to find someone who was lost. There was a red hat on the ground next to the lamp post and there was also a small suitcase on the bench across from school. Here we found Paddington! He is living in our classroom for the moment so he doesn't get lost again. 


Today, Mr Farrell came rushing into our classroom covered in mud holding a box. We opened this box to discover a letter from an old head teacher, Mr Allen, and it was a time capsule full of toys from the last 150 years. We discovered a Zoetrope, Pokémon, Hot Wheels, a teddy bear, a Rubik's cube, a Barbie, an IPad and a few others! 


We have had a great week so far and are very excited for the rest of the term. 



Friday 8th December 2023


We had a wonderful time today decorating the classroom for Christmas. Highlights of the day included the lighting up of the Christmas tree (complete with Tigger angel!) and using pictures of our faces to turn ourselves into Father Christmas' elves.


In the morning, we all worked very hard to create stained glass windows showing scenes from the Christmas story. We looked at examples of stained glass windows, watched a video to find out how stained glass is made and then created our own on tracing paper using watercolour paints and black pen. We are pleased with the results and they will look super on our windows.

Wednesday 29th November 2023


In today's RE lesson, we learnt all about the advent wreath many of us have seen in the church and what each of the candles represents for Christians. Then we made our own paper wreaths and drew pictures to represent love. joy, hope, peace and Jesus. Next week, we will be going on a walk around the local area and up to Brington church to look for signs of Christmas.

Monday 2nd October 2023


We have been learning about Mary Anning and one of the facts we have found most fascinating is that she found and named something called copralite. Do you know what copralite is? It's poo! Fossilised dinosaur poo, to be exact! 


Today, we have seen and touched a real piece of fossilised giant turtle poo from the time of the dinosaurs. It is 60 million years old and came from a shop in Lyme Regis, where Mary Anning was born. We expected the copralite to be light but it's actually quite heavy. It smells like an old shop and not how we imagined. 


Here we are taking a closer look...

Thursday 14th September 2023


This week, we have been thinking about whether or not we would like to represent Hawks Class on the School Council.


We know that we will need to be:

  • Good at listening to others and remembering their ideas and suggestions
  • Organised and willing to attend weekly meetings
  • Happy to share plans and arrangements with a bigger audience


Next week, we will have a vote to choose two people from each year group. 




Empathy Day 2023


This year we took part in Empathy Day. The children learnt what the word meant and how we can show more empathy towards each other. We did this via an exchange - we used questions to help us become more active listeners and think about how we can relate to each others feelings. 






This week in our assemblies, we have been thinking again about the idea of 'forgiveness'. 


  "I think it is important because if we don't then everyone would be un happy" 

"we could lose important people if we couldn't forgive" 

" Sometimes it takes a while to forgive" 

"I feel better when I have been forgiven" 


              What does it mean to be 'full in my life'?

    "I love that even though I have had a big change in my life I feel like it has made it better" 

"I don't think I need much I just love my family and playing with them." 

"I think I have a full life I am always busy"

  "I want to have a fuller life because I want to go on holiday more and see more things I loved going  on plane" 

   "If my life wasn't full I think I would always be sad."