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Welcome to our class blog. We aim to do at least one blog post each week and most of our posts will be created using ideas generated by pupils during a shared writing session. Most recent blogs will be posted at the top.


Thursday 14th September 2023


This week, we have been thinking about whether or not we would like to represent Hawks Class on the School Council.


We know that we will need to be:

  • Good at listening to others and remembering their ideas and suggestions
  • Organised and willing to attend weekly meetings
  • Happy to share plans and arrangements with a bigger audience


Next week, we will have a vote to choose two people from each year group. 




Empathy Day 2023


This year we took part in Empathy Day. The children learnt what the word meant and how we can show more empathy towards each other. We did this via an exchange - we used questions to help us become more active listeners and think about how we can relate to each others feelings. 






This week in our assemblies, we have been thinking again about the idea of 'forgiveness'. 


  "I think it is important because if we don't then everyone would be un happy" 

"we could lose important people if we couldn't forgive" 

" Sometimes it takes a while to forgive" 

"I feel better when I have been forgiven" 


              What does it mean to be 'full in my life'?

    "I love that even though I have had a big change in my life I feel like it has made it better" 

"I don't think I need much I just love my family and playing with them." 

"I think I have a full life I am always busy"

  "I want to have a fuller life because I want to go on holiday more and see more things I loved going  on plane" 

   "If my life wasn't full I think I would always be sad."