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Primary School

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The focus for this week's writing is to produce our own shape poems about an animal of your choice, preferably the one you did a role on the wall for last week. Here is an overview of what you need to do this week, please only spend 30-40 minutes on this per day.


Monday - Your poem is going to be know more than eight lines long, so you need to think about how to describe your animal and what you want to talk about in your poem. Start to draft some expanded noun phrases and descriptive language that you would like to use in you poem, and plan what your lines are going to be about.

Tuesday - Start to write your poem in a 'normal' format, just in your exercise book using the lines to help you. Don't put it inside your shape yet as it will be easier to edit this way.

Wednesday - Finish writing your poem in the 'normal' format and the begin to edit. Use the poems from last week with features highlighted to show you what you need to identify in your own poems. If you are missing any features, now is the time to add them in.

Thursday - Edit. Today's editing focus is all to do with checking you have used the correct spellings and punctuation. You should have all your poetic features added in from yesterday by now. 

Friday - Present. Draw an outline of your animal, if you are unsure try using Google Image to get a stencil outline to help you. Fill your shape using your poem, it is very important that you stay within the lines. if you reach the line half way through a word use a hyphen (-) then continue the word on the next line. Once you have filled in your shape and you are happy that you have used your best hand writing, post it on the blogs, I'd love to see it!


I hope you enjoy being poets this week and if you have any questions or queries, post them on the blogs and i will answer them.


Mrs Williams laugh