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We are in the final phase of our King Arthur Story. Today we are going to plan our piece of writing. The focus of the piece is how we organise our writing into paragraphs. Please can you plan a new quest for King Arthur and his Knights. This will be a short story, made up of paragraphs that tell the reader what happens in a logical order.  There is an example of a plan below and a short video to explain the story.


First create a mind map of the new quest and what you would like to happen in it. Then decide on a theme for each paragraph. Finally, organise each paragraph so that story flows in a logical order. By the end of this session you should have a mind map and a list of paragraph themes to organise your writing.


For Example


Quest Idea: King Arthur and his Knights rescue a  cat from up a tree.


To be mapped out on a mind map


Paragraph 1 King Arthur hears a strange noise


Paragraph 2 There is a cat in a tree


Paragraph 3 King Arthur assembles the Knights of the Round Table 


Paragraph 4  Sir Lancelot tries to rescue the cat with his joust.


Paragraph 5 Sir Percival tries to shake the tree


Paragraph 6 Sir Bors tries to call the cat down


Paragraph 7 Sir Kay and Sir Gawain build a wooden tool to increase their height (a ladder)


Paragraph 8 the cat is saved and reunited with Lady Guinevere


Paragraph 9 ending.