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Tuesday 2nd June

Gooooooooooood morning, Eagles!


Someone asked about Peppa and George yesterday so here are some pictures I took of them a couple of weeks ago. They've grown so big! Dee has been looking after them brilliantly and they even have a little paddling pool! They love human company and come running over whenever they hear anyone approaching, especially if they think that person might have a tasty treat for them! They like banana, apple and cucumber but will only eat carrot if there's no other option! 

It was so lovely to hear from several of you on the blog yesterday. I love seeing what you've been up to! Thank you to those people who have already sent me their videos. I know a few more have been sent that haven't reached me yet and, if you haven't managed to send yours, can you make sure I have it by the end of tomorrow, please? I want to make a film of you all for the website. If you're having trouble sending a large attachment by e-mail, you can use a free online tool such as 'Clipchamp' to reduce the file size.


I'm looking forward to seeing your biographies today. Plenty of house points available for quality learning smiley!


Mrs Evans xx