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Thursday 4th June

Good morning, Eagles!


Who took the sunshine away?!! We went for a bike ride in the rain yesterday and got quite soggy! I'm glad it stayed fine enough for some of you to finish your Andy Goldsworthy natural art and send us some pictures - the ones we've seen so far looked fab! It sounds funny to say that part of the beauty of them is that they're going to get blown or washed away but, now you know what inspires Goldworthy's art, you'll know what I mean!


All the character sketches you sent yesterday are up on the website over on the 'Online Library' page and I'm hoping to be able to upload lots of examples of today's tasks, too. Thank you to those still trying to send video clips from Monday. I appreciate it is difficult to attach them to an e-mail and I'm having a think about how to get round that. Hold on to them until tomorrow, when I'll hopefully have a solution!


Enjoy today's learning and don't forget to check in with me on the blog (especially if you haven't yet done so this week).


Mrs Evans xx