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Thursday 2nd July

Good morning, Eagles!


I am loving the learning you're posting to the blog about mudlarking. Well done to the three people who earned a Mrs Kiernan 'BOOM' yesterday! I listened to three chapters of my mudlarking book in the car today and found it fascinating - the author tells you about her visits to different stretches of the River Thames, what the river banks are like there and the sort of items she has discovered. I didn't realise the tides on the Thames were so varied throughout the year. To be an efficient mudlarker, you have to really understand how they work and it all sounds quite complicated!!


The pupils back in school have made a great start but they're missing you all lots, as are the staff. We really are incredibly proud of your resilience through all this and the way that so many of you continue to engage so well with all the learning tasks. Keep up the excellent work!


Mrs Evans xx