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Primary School

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I would like you to read (or read along with) chapter four today, please.


When you have finished, there are five retrieval questions for you to answer below. Remember, retrieval questions are questions that require you to scan the text to pull out an exact answer - they are the 'Fido Find and Fetch' questions I always talk about! Jot the answers down in your lined books and remember that anything copied directly from the text MUST contain the correct spellings!!!


When you have answered the questions, try writing at least two more yourself for me to answer on the blog. Make them as difficult as you like!

  1. How did Ratty and Mole keep themselves warm outside Badger’s door?
  2. How did the animals know they had eaten enough supper?
  3. How many times has Mr Toad crashed his car?
  4. List five things that were in Badger’s winter stores.
  5. Why are the animals along River Bank in a great state of alarm?