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We're going to start a new text today - 'The Wind in the Willows'. It's a lovely story and one of my favourites from when I was about your age.


I have attached a link to the whole story online below and I have also put the story as an audiobook on the resources page of our home learning section so you can listen and read along if you want to. Please do make sure you are following the written text, though!!!


Today, I would like you to read chapter one. As you are reading, make a list of words that you need to clarify and then use an online dictionary to find the meaning. I would expect all of you to have at least five words on your list and most of you will probably have quite a few more. It isn't a difficult story but the author does use the odd ambitious word!


Send me your best new word on the blog, please! If you're feeling ambitious, try putting it in a new sentence for me.