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Primary School

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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Morning Maths Task –  (approximately 20 mins)

340 + 290

194,849 + 3,843,483

 ????? ÷ 29 = 39

660 ÷ 220 =

4/5 – 1/5


Reading (approximately 20 mins)

Take two days to read and answer the questions about Rivers of the World.  The answers are at the end so no cheating!! 


Maths Lesson (approximately 45 mins)

Follow the link below.  Select and watch the video for Summer Term Week 4.  Lesson 3 – Divide fractions by integers.  The worksheets are not available on the website any more so I have attached the worksheet and answer page below.

Please remember to blog if you need to ask any questions.


Writing Lesson (approximately 30 mins)

The Lighthouse - Lesson 7b

Follow the powerpoint for the lesson today.