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Primary School

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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Morning Maths Task –  (approximately 20 mins)


5/6 of 36

69.56 + 13.68

56.43 + 11.3

3.321 x 100

857 + 14,894


Reading (approximately 20 mins)

Complete a few Read-Theory comprehensions.  You could aim for 3 in 20 minutes.


Maths Lesson (approximately 45 mins)

Follow the link below.  Select and watch the video for Summer Term Week 4.  Lesson 2 – Multiply fractions by fractions.  The worksheets are not available on the website any more so I have attached the worksheet and answer page below.

Please remember to blog if you need to ask any questions.


Writing Lesson (approximately 30 mins)

The Lighthouse - Lesson 7a

Follow the powerpoint for the lesson today.