Brington Church of England

Primary School

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Thursday 7th May 2020

Morning Maths Task –  (approximately 20 mins)

32 + 47

45.32 + 2.23

56.47 – 23.85

8.73 x 10

4,568 ÷ 7

Reading (approximately 20 mins)

The text today is called ‘Rosalind Franklin and Francis Crick’.  I have attached it at the bottom of the page.  There is a short text to read and then VIPERS questions to answer.

The answers are on the last sheet so have a go before you either mark your work or ask someone to mark it for you.


Maths Lesson (approximately 45 mins)

Follow the link below.  Select and watch the video for Summer Term Week 3.  Lesson 4 – Adding and subtracting mixed numbers

Then answer the questions and mark.

Please remember to blog if you need to ask any questions.


Writing Lesson (approximately 30 mins)

The Lighthouse – lesson 5

This powerpoint is the same one that I sent yesterday as you have two days to complete your newspaper report.  It would be wonderful to see a few paragraphs either photographed and uploaded or typed into your blogs.  Enjoy!