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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Morning Maths Task – blog your answers! 

It may seem that some of the questions for yesterday and today are a little easier than usual.  That is just to get those brain cells warmed up again after the Easter break.  Tomorrow you will be back to much more difficult questions!

What is half of 7600?

How many 11p sweets can you buy for £1?

What is 35 less than 100?

In a money box there are thirteen fifty pence pieces.  What is the total amount?

Mutiply 40 by 80

33,422 – 24,721


27 x 73

3/8  of 64                     


Reading (approximately 20 mins)

Either use your Read Theory account or read your own book. 

Maths Lesson (approximately 45 mins)

Follow the link below.  Select and watch the video for Summer Week 1.  Lesson 2 – Angles in a triangle.

Then answer the questions on the worksheet on the same website.

You will see that the answer sheet is also available!  Please try to answer the questions before you use the answer sheet to mark them! 

Please remember to blog if you need to ask any questions.

Writing Lesson (approximately 30 mins)


Use the powerpoint which will guide you through the lesson.