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Primary School

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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning


Good morning.  The sunny weather is being kind to us.  Can you remember how to describe the weather in French?  Blog your answer if you can. Even better, write the date and weather in French!

Morning Maths Task (approximately 20 mins)

Complete the morning maths task number 62 which is already in your pack. 

Today, once you have answered the questions, try to show three different ways for one of the questions and blog the most efficient answer.

Reading (approximately 20 mins)

You may choose to share some new knowledge you have gained from one of the texts today.

Remember - you should be able to complete at least tree texts in this time and if you struggle to get onto the website just spend some time reading your own book.

Maths Lesson (approximately 45 mins)

I hope you are enjoying the tasks from these lessons.

Follow the link below.  Select and watch the video for lesson 4 – calculating ratio.

Then answer the questions on the worksheet on the same website.

You will see that the answer sheet is also available! 

I am sure that you are all making sure that you answer the questions before you use the answer sheet to mark them! 

Writing Lesson (approximately 30 mins)


Use the powerpoint which will guide you through the lesson.