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Monday 4th May

Good morning and welcome to another Monday!


I hope you all had good weekends and had plenty to keep you occupied. Much to my daughters' disgust, I decided we were tidying their bedroom yesterday - it took TWO HOURS!!! They definitely don't take after their Mummy when it comes to being organised wink


On Saturday, I found another website that helped me trace my family tree back TEN generations in one place! I'm finding it incredibly interesting to find out little details about all my ancestors - there are so many of them and lots of them had up to 15 brothers and sisters!!


This coming Friday is 75 years since VE Day and it is a Bank Holiday. Are you and your family planning anything special? See if you can spend a little bit of time this week finding out what VE Day was and why it was so important. There will probably be plenty of programmes on the TV to watch. I'll definitely be thinking about all the relatives I know were alive and celebrating 75 years ago.


Remember to try to blog at least three times this week - it makes me happy to know you're safe and happy smiley


Mrs Evans xx