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Monday 29th June

Goooooooooood morning, Eagles, and welcome to another week!


Even though things are changing a bit this week, the online learning will remain the same so you can expect to find Maths and English for each day and three afternoon learning tasks (one to be completed over three days). I'm in school full time so Mrs Kiernan will kindly be keeping an eye on the blog and responding to lots of your posts. Please do keep blogging and sending examples of your learning to us - we do love to see it!


Your challenge today is to find a picture cuter than the one below and post it to the blog. I bet you can't find one!!!


Today's English task is a very important one-off task for EVERYONE to complete, please. Make sure you send us your pictures and writing to be included on your annual school reports. 


Have a lovely day and we'll see you tomorrow, Y6! 


Mrs Evans xx