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Monday 15th June

Good morning, Eagles!


I hope you had a lovely weekend and that you're ready and raring to go this morning! We've got one more week of our Book Project before we move on to something different. Don't forget you'll need a small cardboard box or container for Friday's task - get rifling through that recycle bin!!


Y4 and Y5 Maths might look a little different this week because you've already done the planned White Rose lessons so we've used the alternatives. That would explain why you've suddenly jumped topic. Hopefully after this week, it'll all be back to normal again. 


Please do try to blog at least three times this week. Try to see the blog as a sort of register - we need to know that you are safe and well and we would like to know that you are engaging with the learning too. Much as Mrs Kennedy and I love to call you all at home, we cannot possibly phone everyone every week and chatting to you on the blog is the next best thing. I'll be giving out loadsa house points to people who blog and share their learning!


Mrs Evans xx