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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is nothing other than being aware of the present moment, being open-minded to understand what is going on in and around you. It is about living in the present moment without getting swept up by the pressures of everyday life. To be mindful involves experiencing both joy and misery but not having to have an immediate reaction to it. However, mindful practice requires some effort and intentionality.


Why do we teach Mindfulness to children?

Just like adults, children in our current world are busy, tired and easily distracted and often lack the time in their busy schedules to just 'be'. Research has shown that teaching children to practice mindfulness allows them to pause and get a sense of what they need at that moment in time. They learn not to hide their feelings but understand themselves and others better which we feel at Brington links to our STAR Values and our Learning Powers where we strive to empower our children to identify their own feelings.


How do we teach Mindfulness?

At Brington we use a variety of exercises, including guided meditation stories, breathing techniques and teaching children to be in tune with their senses. This is done for 10 minutes 3 times a week in each class. Alongside this within each class the teachers have personalised how they reflect and how to present their thoughts and feelings in a way that best suits the children. Check out each class and how they are incorporating mindful techniques to support your child's wellbeing.