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Today's White Rose lesson is a repeat of something we've done in the last few weeks. We'll return to it tomorrow but, in the meantime, I thought we'd revisit an activity that very few of you reached or properly investigated during the sessions in school on finding area by counting squares.


I would like you investigate which letters of the alphabet (capital letters only) you can make from one single rectilinear shape in a 3 square by 5 square grid like this...

I've done a couple as an example to get you going...

A is absolutely fine and, if you count the squares, you can see that it has an area of 12 squares. K is not fine because it is made up of three shapes and not one. If you look closely, you will see that the biggest shape has an area of 6 squares but there are two additional small shapes (joined at the corners), both with an area of 2 squares.


In a rectilinear shape, each square has to connect to at least one more along at least one side so touching corners are banned!

Here are the questions I would like you to answer today:


1. How many letters of the alphabet (capitals only) can be made from a rectilinear shape on a 3 x 5 grid? Which cannot? Can you explain why?


2. Can you find four letters which can be made using exactly 11 squares?


3. How many words can you find where the combined area of all the letters is 31 squares?