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We're going to continue with the 'White Rose Hub' learning we were doing before Easter. Today's lesson should be 'Making a whole' but, if you are ahead or behind for some reason, pick up where you left off and do the next lesson.


To support this lesson, I've attached blank hundred squares below for you to use if you need to. 


Remember, one row or column in the hundred square represents one tenth or 0.1.

One square represents a hundredth or 0.01. 


You can use the number bond facts you already know to help you today...

If you already know that 6+4=10, then you also know that 0.6+0.4=1. 

If you already know that 32+68=100, then you know that 0.32+0.68=1.


Enjoy, and ask me for help if you need it.


Mrs Evans xx