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We're moving on from tenths to look at hundredths today.


Remember there is a place value grid and place value counters in the 'Learning Resources' section if you need them. You can also use objects from around your house to represent different digits.

There's an Egyptian themed maths challenge today! 



You can use the idea behind this challenge as a game to play against someone in your household...


If you draw a pyramid with five boxes along the bottom, then four in the row above, then three in the row above and so on, you can each throw a dice five times and place the digits in any box on the bottom row.


To find your (hopefully winning!) total, add together consecutive numbers and write the sum in the box above. You continue to do that until you are left with one number at the top.


If you've completed the challenge and worked out the 'trick' you might find you can win every time!!