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Escape from the Castle


You will need your five key numbers from yesterday handy in order to complete this challenge and find the solution to the problem.

Let us know on the blog when you've found the answer! You can type the answer in your post - the adult who responds will blank it out before approving the comment so that we don't give the answer away too soon!

Times Tables


Some of the pupils in the bubble at school won't mind me telling you that they were surprised at how quickly they had forgotten lots of their times tables during lockdown because they weren't using or practising them regularly!


If you do one thing (apart from READING, of course!!) over the summer holiday, please make it this. You all know how much of the Maths in KS2 relies on a good and fast tables knowledge and I know you'd be frustrated with yourselves in September if you couldn't remember facts you once knew off by heart.


Play games! Find online activities! Count up and down your stairs in multiples! Sing times tables songs in the car! Do anything you can that is fun and doesn't feel like hard work because it will be worth it next year wink.