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Times Tables


Have a go at playing the 'Boxing Up' game today.


You will need:

  • four 1-6 dice
  • a different coloured pen or pencil for each player
  • a copy of the 'Boxing Up' grid


How to play:

Player one throws all four dice. They should add the numbers on two dice together, then add the other two and then multiply the sums of each pair. For example...

The first two dice add to make 9 and the second two dice add to make 6.


9 x 6 = 54


Player one finds 54 on the grid and draws in their colour down one of the four sides of the box it is in.


Play continues with all players taking turns. Every time a player completes all four sides of a box, they can colour that box and claim it as their own. The winner is the person who has coloured the most boxes in their colour at the end of the game.

Maths Lessons


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