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Extended Research Tasks

Hi Everyone!


This is a new section on our home learning page to give you some ideas for projects you may like to complete.

These are 100% OPTIONAL and are only here as a suggestion if you are looking for something to do and have finished all your home learning.  Some of the activities have been inspired by the topics we have been looking at and others are projects that I know some of you are already doing in your spare time! Please do not do these instead of your home learning but please feel free to post your progress in the blogs if you do decide to do them. They are not supposed to be quick tasks, they are designed to be completed independently over a longer period of time. Good luck and have fun!


Mrs Williams


Ideas for extended research projects:


  • Create a detailed and colourful map  to show where the Saxons originated from and how they came to settle in England.
  • Film a documentary about the Saxons
  • Research religious ceremonies and interview your parents or family members to discover which ceremonies they have attended.
  • Start a sketchbook of drawings using different tools to create your pictures
  • Research and create a fact file looking at the Olympics.
  • Create a maths game
  • Become a journalist and write about events that are happening during your time at home.
  • Design and create a shadow puppet theatre to experiment with different ways of making shadows.
  • Create a short film using stop motion animation