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Today's task is a quick one. You just need to think of five really good fronted adverbials by following the instructions on the sheet and jot them down ready for a writing task tomorrow.


Remember that a 'sarcophagus' is the stone coffin used by Ancient Egyptians to bury their mummified people in. I didn't realise that the plural of 'sarcophagus' is 'sarcophagi' until today - probably because you don't often have to refer to more than one Ancient Egyptian stone coffin at once!!!


Hopefully, you'll finish this task nice and quickly, which will give you some time to practise some of your spellings from the list that was sent home in your packs. If you haven't already had a look at them, pick five words that you can't spell yet and do some of the activities we have been doing in the classroom to learn them.