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Today, your task is to use the internet to investigate the latest fiction and non-fiction releases for your age group. You could also try searching for current bestsellers in fiction for 8-11 year olds.


Which texts do you like the look of and why? Are there any by authors you have heard of before? You might want to look at reviews for the books and see what other readers thought about them. 


When you have done plenty of research, you need to pick between three and five texts you would like to see in our school library (or in your classrooms). Send your list to us via the blog or the school office e-mail and we'll add some of them to our school Amazon wishlist!


Happy researching!

English Lesson


This week, we are going to give you some more opportunities to have a look at the 'Ten Minute Challenges' on the Authorfy website. Some more have been added since we last used it and I know how much some of you enjoyed the activities. Have a good look and choose one a day for this week.


Send us a copy of your learning via the blog please!