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Ask someone to test you on last week's spellings to make sure you have remembered them. If you have, blog me for a house point! If not, add them to this week's list and recap them.


Choose between five and ten words from the spelling list for your year group. Use some of the activities on the sheet below to practise and learn them. Then ask someone to do a quick test for you. Can they put the last couple of words in a sentence for you to write down? 

English Lesson


Today, we would like you to think carefully about the skills and qualities the character in the story needs to face all the obstacles and challenges he encounters. You might want to use your story board / story map from Wednesday's lesson to help you identify the different events in the story and how he overcomes each one by making particular choices or behaving in a particular way. For example, I think he needs to be optimistic during the times that things aren't going quite so well so that he can focus on better times ahead.


How many different skills and qualities can you come up with?


When you have a list (and you've checked the spelling of each word!!), use brightly coloured pens or pencils to make a poster containing your ideas. It would be fantastic if you used different styles of bubble writing and you can include pictures in between the writing.


Send us a copy of your learning via the blog or e-mail the school office - we'll need these posters at a later date!