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Your task for today and tomorrow (Thursday) is to choose between one of the following pieces of writing about the journey of a water droplet:


  • Can you write a poem (any kind of poem you choose) about where a water droplet might have been before it gets to your glass of drink? Use the ideas you came up with yesterday as a starting point.
  • Can you write a diary entry for a day in the life of a drop of water? What do you think it would be like to find yourself in one place and then another without warning? How would it feel to travel right through the human body and then through the water treatment system and then out into a reservoir?!
  • Can you write a letter from one water droplet to another? Perhaps they used to sit together in the body of a T-Rex and have been separated ever since? Maybe your water droplet is dreaming of where and when he might see his long lost pal again?!


I would love to read these on the blog or via the school e-mail but not until Friday, when you've had time to write them properly and redraft!!