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Yesterday, I introduced you to a poem about a drop of water travelling right round the water cycle. 


Today, I have some facts for you:

  • About 71% of the Earth's surface is water-covered.
  • Up to 60% of you is made of water.
  • There is always the same amount of water on Earth - it just gets distributed differently! The same drop of water could have been in the sea, in a lake, up in the clouds, part of a person or an animal, rushing over a waterfall, inside a water pistol, in a posh restaurant dish, in someone's drink...


All this got me thinking! The water that is in my glass right here, right now could have been anywhere!! It's mind-blowing! It could have been part of a T-Rex. Or a tiny drop of a cup of tea brewed by Albert Einstein. Or part of the reservoir where the Dambusters tested the bouncing bomb during WW2. Or a tiny fraction of the tear that fell down Beethoven's face as he finished his Fifth Symphony. 


Today, your job is to imagine all the amazing places a drop of water could have been in the millions of years it has been on Earth! Be as imaginative as you like! Ask your family and friends! Give me some ideas on the blog! The more ideas you have, the more choices you will have for our task in tomorrow's lesson.


Happy imagining!