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Primary School

Together, striving to be the best that we can be!


Yesterday, my daughter and I did the Ben Miller challenge together. She chose her three items to put into the black hole quite quickly: having to eat at the dinner table instead of on the sofa frown, rain clouds and orange juice with no bits in!! It took me a bit longer to choose my three but I finally decided upon tuna (sorry, Tuna Queen - you know who you are!), having a cold and my cats bringing in birds and mice!! If you didn't get a chance to share your ideas with me yesterday, there are still two house points up for grabs...


Today's suggestion is Anna James, who challenges you to 'book wander' into your favourite story. If anyone does a great job and shares it with me on the blog or via the school e-mail, I will happily type it up and pop it over on the reading page for everyone to see!