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I know lots of you were enjoying the Wednesday sessions where we all wrote at length for twenty minutes or so based on a picture prompt. I remember some lovely writing about the lady sitting on the chair halfway up the wall and also the man falling off his bike in the rain. 


This week, we're going to have a go at a different writing challenge set by a different author each day. In these videos, the author introduces themselves and the task and then there's a ten minute timer where you get to write down your ideas. I'm going to suggest one author a day but you'll see there are plenty to choose from on the site and, if you prefer the look of something else, go for it!


Before you start, think carefully about what you would expect to get down on paper in ten minutes. You might want to pause the video to come up with an idea so you don't spend the ten minutes thinking! When the video has finished, please proofread and edit your writing to make it as good as it can possibly be. You could always use the editing list I gave you for last Friday's lesson. 


Share your best bits with me on the blog or via Mr Farrell's e-mail!

Today's suggested author is Mark Lowery.