Brington Church of England

Primary School

Together, striving to be the best that we can be!


It's proofreading and editing day!!


I would like you to work through the following steps in order to make sure your writing is as good as it possibly can be, please.


  1. Read your narrative aloud. Does it make sense?!
  2. Is your writing all in third person (he, she, it)?
  3. Is your writing all in past tense (as if it has already happened)?
  4. Check that there are capital letters at the beginning of sentences, for proper nouns and for 'I'.
  5. Make sure that every single sentence is punctuated with a full stop, question mark, exclamation mark or ellipses.
  6. Make sure that all direct speech is punctuated using inverted commas (remember PS!) and that, if a new person is speaking, you start a new line.
  7. If you have used a fronted adverbial, make sure there is a comma after it. While you're checking this, perhaps you can add in another fronted adverbial or two?!
  8. Have you repeated words within a paragraph that could be altered by using pronouns or alternative noun phrases?
  9. Have you used short sentences to show excitement or tension?
  10. Is there anywhere you can add in an extra ambitious adjective or adverb? Can you replace any verbs with better synonyms?


Well done! Now share your writing with someone at home or over the phone so you have an extra opportunity to feel proud of your efforts!