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This week, we are gathering ideas and practising skills that can be used for next week's writing tasks. The more ideas you come up with now, the easier your writing will be!


Today, I would like you spend some time thinking about words you can use to avoid repetition (and boring your reader!). Nobody wants to read a piece of fiction where the word 'lighthouse' or 'man' or 'light' keeps being repeated over and over again. There are plenty of alternatives and lots of them are better than the original word!!


Pick at least three words that could potentially be repeated a lot if you were asked to retell the story. I would pick the ones I listed above but there are others, such as 'town' perhaps.


Write your word in the middle of your page in a bubble. Firstly, think carefully about the pronouns you could use instead of repeating the word. For example, the pronouns for the lighthouse keeper would be he / him / himself / his. Add them in one colour around your bubble.


Then get a bit more creative with a thesaurus and see if you can find synonyms. Can you add adjectives to them to put a better picture in your reader's head? How many alternatives can you come up with? Write them in a different colour around your bubble.


Lastly, get really creative and see if you can come up with any metaphors for your word. For instance, the lighthouse could be described as the 'flashing soldier'. Write them in a third colour around your bubble.


I'll put some of my ideas on the blog later in the day. If you come up with any really good ideas, blog them for everyone so we can 'magpie' from each other smiley