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Have you ever noticed that you speak in short sentences (sometimes even single words!) when you're feeling very scared or very excited?


Think about the last time you opened a present and found something you really wanted...


The chances are you spoke in a series of short sentences to express your excitement:

"Wow! For me?! I can't believe it! I'm so excited! Thanks!!"


And think about the last time something terrified you...


Now find a fiction text. Find a part of the story where something scary or exciting happens. It doesn't always happen but most of the time an author will use a series of short sentences to help to make the reader feel extra excited or extra scared.


Today I would like you to find a part of 'The Lighthouse' where something tense happens. It could be the part where the light goes out, where the lighthouse keeper realises there's a boat heading straight for the rocks or when he starts to rush down to the village to ask for help.


Describe that tiny section of the action in a series of short sentences. When you aren't using very many words, every word counts... You may need to draft and redraft your writing to aim for maximum impact upon the reader.


Blog me your sentences if you get a chance - I'd love to see them.