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Today, I would like you to do some more vocabulary work but this time we are collecting VERBS.


Watch the animation again and jot down a list of verbs, e.g. sigh, scribble, lift. You'll probably find you've got a huge list by the end.


Pick a verb that you think you could improve upon and use the internet to find eight different synonyms. 


Cut up a piece of paper into nine rectangles and write the original word and then the eight synonyms on their own pieces of paper.


Think carefully about the strength of the synonyms and diamond rank them from strongest to weakest like this...

Glue the rectangles in your book as a diamond and talk to someone at home about why you put each synonym in that particular place.


Try the activity one or two more times with different verbs. That should give you plenty of vocabulary to choose from when we have a go at a writing task next week.