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Today, I would like you to think carefully about adjectives.


Watch the animation again (maybe more than once) and jot down all the words you can possibly think of to describe:


a) the lighthouse (inside and outside)

b) the town


Try to use more than just what you can see - stories work better when more than one sense is used! What can you hear? What might certain objects feel like? Is there a smell?


Then I would like you to use the internet to really push your vocabulary. How many amazing synonyms can you find for your adjectives? Do all the synonyms have exactly the same meaning or are they subtly different? Which ones would you use if you were retelling the story of the lighthouse and which would not be appropriate?


Finally, can you think of at least one synonym for the lighthouse and one synonym for the town? Remember, the comparison has to be with something appropriate for the story!! Think about when and where the story is set!


Blog me some of your best ideas!