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We're going to start a new English unit based on an animation called 'The Lighthouse'.


You'll be pleased to hear there's no writing required today (unless you desperately want to answer the questions in your books!). All I want you to do is watch the animation and talk with someone about the questions on the sheet below. 


PLEASE READ THE SHEET BEFORE WATCHING THE FILM!!! It asks you to pause the animation at different points and then answer some questions before carrying on.


The questions on the sheet have letters after them. They stand for...

V - vocabulary

I - infer

P - predict

E - explain

R - retrieve

S - summarise

These are all the skills we have been working on separately all year in our Guided Reading sessions. We're just jumbling them up a bit now so you're working on more than one skill at once.

Enjoy the film! I'd love to know what your answers are to some of the questions - send me a message on the blog!


Mrs Evans xx