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Using pronouns and alternative nouns / noun phrases to avoid repetition


This is an activity we've done in the classroom before so I know you won't have too many difficulties with it...


I'm going to give you two nouns and I want you to come up with a list of alternatives you could use instead of repeating the words in your writing. You'll need to use some of your ideas in tomorrow's writing task.




To avoid repeating the word 'school', you could use a pronoun (it, its, itself) or you could use a thesaurus to find synonyms (establishment, academy, institution etc.) or you could come up with some noun phrases (important learning community, valued place of learning, primary education institution etc.).


You can list your ideas on your page or do a mind map in lots of different colours. Remember you can type 'synonym' and your work into the Google search bar to find ideas.


The more alternatives you can think of, the easier tomorrow's task will be.


Your nouns are 'library' and 'pupil'.


Share some of your ideas on the blog and help each other out!


Extension task: How many synonyms can you find for the verb 'read'? That might help with tomorrow's task too.