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Welcome to a week of nouns and pronouns!


We've covered this before at least twice so hopefully there'll be nothing too surprising here and it'll be a useful recap. This week's aim is to get your writing without repeating nouns too much and boring your reader!


I've attached a link to a song below which will remind you about the different types of nouns and then a document which lists pronouns (in case you've forgotten what they are).


Your task today is a fairly simple one. I've attached a short extract from one of the 'Harry Potter' books and I would like you to highlight (or list in your book) all the nouns you can find in one colour and then all the pronouns in another colour.


If you fancy an extra challenge, use a different colour to highlight each of the different types of nouns in the text too - common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns and collective nouns.


Happy highlighting!