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Autumn 2 - Week 4


The week when .............. we met a pilot!!!


We LOVED the online visit with the famous author Maz Evans last week!!  She was so interesting and had a wonderful childish humour that had us in stitches.  She has inspired us to read her books and Mrs Evans even had to order more for the library!


Thursday 18th November 2021

We made circuits from the electricity equipment to carry out an investigation to discover whether adding more bulbs to a circuit would affect the brightness of the bulbs.  We need to order more batteries as some of them were flat,  but loved it anyway!!


Friday 19th November 2021

In Maths, Mrs Kennedy let us write on our desks - it was so much fun.  It did have a purpose though.  We were using practical resources to learn how to divide three digit by one digit numbers.


Monday 22nd November 2021

We started our first draft of our autobiographies.  We are thoroughly enjoying the process of sharing our lives with each other.   


Tuesday 23rd November 2021

We were delighted to host an expert on Spitfires to our class on Tuesday afternoon.  Cliff Spinks told us about the development of planes in England and Germany throughout World War II.  He had a range of amazing photos showing him performing aerobatics. 


Wednesday 24th November

On Wednesday we raised money for Children in Need by setting out pennies onto the playground in the shape of a big Pudsey.  We made Pudsey pictures.  We loved planning and setting out games on the field for each other to try.

Also on Wednesday eight of us were trained to become Play Leaders.  This involved learning how to play different games, complete different challenges and create our games.