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Daily spelling practice – week 10 list

Spellings are attached to the morning task page.  Choose an activity and learn these spellings ready to be tested on Friday.


Geography – Rivers Floods

Objectives for the lesson

  • To understand what a flood is.
  • To recognize the causes of floods.
  • To explore some of the impacts that floods have on people and the environment.


Task 1.  Follow the link below and watch the video about floods.

Task 2. Can you create a definition for floods?


Main Task

Research and create a poster that is informing people about floods. It should cover:

  • What are floods.
  • What types of things cause floods?
  • A real life example of a river flood.
  • Why are floods dangerous?

It would be useful if your project was quite detailed.

Write in clear bullet points and also be creative.

The use of colour, diagrams and images would also complement your work.


Attached to this page is an information sheet to help with your knowledge.

Also, the webpage below is another great source of information


Because this is quite a long task, you can finish it tomorrow afternoon alongside part one of tomorrow’s French lesson.