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Daily spelling practice – week 9 list

Choose an activity and learn these spellings ready to be tested on Friday.


Week one.  Write a poem inspired by a journey with Simon Mole.

Follow this link to the BBC Ten Pieces at Home website.

Scroll down the page until you see the videos for Week one. 


Watch the first video. Delve into the musical travels of The Little Train of the Caipira ; a piece of music written by Heitor Villa Lobos. His music describes a shuddering, juddering steam train chugging through Brazil and carrying the ‘caipira’ or ‘people of the countryside’ off to pick berries in the fields.


Watch the second video and let your imagination run wild as you follow Simon Mole's step-by-step guide in creating your own poem. Where will you go? What will you see? Who will you meet?


Share your poems on the BBC website if you choose to!

Also it would be super to see some of them on the school blog!