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Daily spelling practice – week 8 list

Choose one of the activities on the spelling list and complete it.


Day 2 for your Geography Topic.  Rivers

Lesson 3 – Meanders and Oxbow Lakes

WALT - explain and draw a meander diagram

Key terms:

  • Meander: Is the winding and curving of a river channel.
  • Oxbow lake: Is part of the river left behind after extreme meandering.
  • Erosion: The breakdown and removal of rocks and sediment.
  • Sediment: Any broken down rock or soil carried by a river.

This lesson will be for today and tomorrow afternoon as there are a few different tasks to do. 

First watch either 1, 2 or all 3 of the videos to learn about oxbow lakes and meanders.  They are all quite short and some are more interesting than the others!

Then go through the powerpoint and read each slide carefully.

You may choose to engage with all of the tasks on the powerpoint but the main task is on slide 10.

I look forward to seeing your diagrams and explanations.